Where has my Milk Gone?

When your milk comes in your breasts will feel quite full, and some women will even experience the unpleasant feeling of engorgement.   You are very aware at these times that you have lots and lots of milk for your baby.  As the days pass so will that that fullness feeling leaving some women to wonder if their milk supply has decreased or gone away.

It hasn’t gone away, and you will be producing more that during the time when your breasts felt so full.  What is happening is that your breasts respond to the amount of milk consumed by your baby and tailor their productivity accordingly.    As your baby drinks up your milk more is comes in to replace that which was eaten.  This happens as your baby nurses so you do not need to actually store large quantities of milk in your breasts.

It can take some time to establish a good balance between your milk supply and your baby’s consumption.  This is a good time to use a breast pump and participate in a local milk bank where you can donate your breast milk to mothers who wish to breastfeed but for reasons are not able to provide milk from their own body.  The first six weeks are the most challenging and when you may feel the most frustration and discomfort.  Be sure to lean on your support network to help you get through.

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