Economic and Environmental Breastfeeding Benefits

There are so many benefits to breastfeeding that we could not cover them all in one article. This article is part 4 in our series about Breastfeeding Benefits, it cover the economic advantages of breastfeeding as well as the environmental advantages of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Saves Money World-wide breastfeeding is among the most cost effective of child survival interventions. The easiest to measure of the advantages of breastfeeding is that it is free. Breastfeeding has none of the expenses associated with formula feeding (e.g. the costs of fuel, utensils, and special formulas, and of the mother’s time in formula preparation). Households save money; and institutions economize by reducing the need for bottles and formulas. A healthy mother usually does not need any additional vitamins or nutritional supplements while breastfeeding. The fortifications to the child’s immune system breastfeeding provides means fewer trips to the doctor’s office. Less trips to the doctor means less medication expenses, less medical bills and less lost wages from missed work.

Breastfeeding is Convenient – Breastfeeding requires no last minute runs to the store for more formula. Breast milk is always fresh and available. Breastfeeding mothers save time with no need to warm up bottles in the middle of the night. It’s easy for breastfeeding mothers to be active — and go out and about — with their babies and know that they’ll have breast milk available whenever their baby is hungry.

Breastfeeding is Clean – Breastfeeding does not require the use of bottles, nipples, water or formula. All paraphernalia for formula feeding can be easily contaminated with bacteria that can cause diarrhea.

Supports Food Security. Breast milk provides total food security for an infant’s first six months. It maximizes food resources, both because it is naturally renewing and because food that would otherwise be fed to an infant can be given to others. A mother’s milk supply adjusts to demand; only extremely malnourished mothers have a reduced capacity to breastfeed.

Environmentally friendly. Breastfeeding does not waste scarce resources or create pollution. Breast milk is a naturally-renewable resource that requires no packaging, shipping, or disposal.

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