What Are Inverted Nipples?

In breastfeeding terminology inverted nipples are defined as nipples that do not protrude or poke out from the breast. You have inverted nipples if when placing your thumb and forefinger near the base of the nipple and squeezing your nipple does not protrude far enough to grasp.

Inverted nipples are not an incredibly common. Pregnancy hormones can cause the inversion to become more pronounced as pregnancy progresses. Not to worry you will still able to breastfeed your child with inverted nipples. Inverted nipples may make it more challenging to learn a breastfeeding position to get a proper breastfeeding latch that works for both you and your child.  

One easy solution is to use an electric breast pump before each breastfeeding session until you establish a breastfeeding routine. The breast pump will help temporarily pull the nipple out, making it easier for your child to latch on.

If you have concerns about inverted nipples check with your doctor or lactation consultant.

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