Warning Signs in Breastfeeding

As natural a process as breastfeeding can be there are occasions when you should seek help without delay.  If you find that you fit into any of the following scenarios be sure to call your pediatrician immediately.

1, Your baby’s nursing sessions are very short. – Breastfeeding sessions consistently shorter than 10 minutes in the first few months can mean your baby is not getting enough milk and your milk production will decrease.

2. Your baby’s nursing sessions are very long. – Breastfeeding sessions consistently longer than 50 minutes can indicate that your baby is not getting enough milk either because of ineffective suckling or low milk supply.

3. Your baby seems hungry after most feedings. – Your baby may not be ingesting enough milk.  Have their weight checked immediately.  Verify that they have good latch.

4. Your baby frequently misses nursing sessions or sleeps through the night. – Try waking them and encouraging them to eat.

5. You don’t hear frequent swallowing when your baby is breastfeeding, even after your milk supply has come in. – You should hear your child swallowing vigorously in the middle of a session.

6. Your baby is not gaining weight in the  first few weeks.

7. In the first seven days  your baby has less than six wet diapers and four stools a day, urine is dark yellow or specked with red, or stool remains dark rather than yellow and loose.

8. Five days after birth and your milk has not come in or your breasts don’t feel as if they are filling with milk

9. You experience severe breast engorgement.

10. Fullness or hardness of your breasts doesn’t decrease after a feeding.

11. Severe nipple pain interferes with breastfeeding.

12. After 7-14 days of beginning to breastfeed you don’t notice the let-down sensation.

If you experience any of these situations contact your doctor without delay.

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