The Flipple

Breastfeeding Technique: The Flipple

This breastfeeding technique for getting your nipple into your baby’s mouth is called The Flipple.  It is based on rolling the underside of your breast, but with a twist.  As your baby opens its mouth wide press on your breast just above your your nipple with a finger running parallel to your baby’s upper lip.   This will point your nipple up and away from your baby.

Continue pressing your finger onto your breast to first roll the underside of your breast into your child’s open mouth. Once the breast is in use the same finger to push the nipple into your baby’s mouth before removing your finger.  This will your baby gets a large amount of the underside of the breast and gets the nipple into your child’s mouth.

The Flipple is useful when you may not have a good view of the underside of your breast, but can be useful in any breastfeeding position.

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