How Long Is A Typical Breastfeeding Session?

As a new mother who has decide to breastfeed then it’s very likely that you’ve wondered, how long does breastfeeding take?

The answer to how long does breastfeeding take depends on several factors such as:

  • How developed your breast milk supply has become
  • How quickly your let-down reflex happens
  • How fast your breast milk flows
  • Which breastfeeding hold you use
  • How long your baby takes to get into breastfeeding
  • How sleepy or distracted your baby may be
  • Your child’s age

As babies grow older, they become more practiced at breastfeeding and can cut nursing times nearly in half from when they were newborns.

To help each nursing session be as productive as possible make sure you and your baby perfect at least one breastfeeding latch technique. As always if you have concerns about the length of the breastfeeding sessions be sure to contact your doctor.