Leaking Nipples

One of the more common concerns of breastfeeding mothers is a worry about leaking nipples.  Although a few women never experience leaking nipples most women will have it happen to them one, twice, or even more during the time they are breastfeeding.

Leaking usually occurs during the first few weeks of breastfeeding while your body is adjusting to the nutritional needs of your new baby.  It may continue onward but usually only in cases where the mother has an over abundant milk supply.  There area exceptions and one of the most common is that you find yourself leaking or even spraying during lovemaking.

There are some things you can do to help combat leaking:
1) Nurse your baby frequently, specifically before you go out or are planning to make love.
2) Place an absorbent cotton breast pad or soft cloth to catch the drips
3) While in bed place a soft bath towel under your breasts
4) Press your arms gently against your chest to draw your breasts into your body.

You may also find that certain circumstances trigger a let down response,  like hearing a baby cry at the shopping mall.

The best cure for leaking nipples is an established and regular feeding routine with you and your baby.  If you do find your nipples are leaking, stay with it and it should pass within a week or two.