Safe and comfortable exercising while you breastfeed

When your body belongs to both you and your baby there area some extra steps you should consider following.

Get the milk out before the workout. Treat your baby and yourself to a long feed before beginning your exercise.  This will not only help settle your baby but also make you more comfortable as your exercise.

Support your breasts. Wear a well fitting, cotton, athletic support bra to reduce jostling and nipple friction during vigorous exercise

Prehydrate. Drink a few glasses of water before you exercise, sip water while you exercise, and drink a few more glasses when you are done. Unless you are exercising vigorously for more than an hour and to the point of exhaustion water adequately hydrates your body and lessens muscle fatigue just as well as a sports drink, but water does so without all the extra calories.

Don’t worry if your baby rejects your breast right after you exercise. Wait half an hour and try again.  It may be that your scent has changed during exercise .  Try rinsing or taking a quick shower after you exercise and before you try to breastfeed.

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