Premature Birth and Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding and premature birth are compatible. If you were preparing to breastfeed your baby, premature birth is no reason to give up that dream. It is natural to feel helpless if your child requires a lot of medical attention. Good communication with your doctor and other members of the hospital staff will allow you to be as involved as possible with your child at this time.

Babies born as a result of a premature birth often have special needs. Premature babies are smaller and be can more susceptible to infection. Your baby may require significant time inside a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit which will make it very hard for you to directly breastfeed. Pumping breast milk for your premature baby is a great way for you as a mother to be involved in restoring your baby to health. Pumping breast milk will provide your child with the ideal source of nourishment and keep your breast milk supply ready for when your newborn can effectively nurse. Breastfeeding research has found the benefits of breast milk to premature or sick babies to be more pronounced.

If for health reasons you cannot provide your own breast milk to your premature child. You can look into the availability of donated breast milk through a human milk bank to provide the benefits of breast milk to your premature child.

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