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 The huge value in this tiny breastfeeding video is… stop pressing down and poking on your nipple like that! Getting breast milk out of your breast requires a lot of the breast tissue BEHIND the nipple to be compressed – it’s got nothing to do with the nipple itself, in that sense.

Baby sucking on your nipple, and/or you poking and prodding your nipples and trying to get your gold milk (colostrum) out, may swell up your nipples and prevent the milk coming out at all!

Hand expression will get out milk, and let you get to know your own breasts:

Sometimes, nipples get swollen from IV fluids in labor, or from too much milk coming in very quickly. A swollen nipple will not let down well. A swollen breast with too much milk in it is called ‘engorgement’ and if this happens to you when you transition from gold to white milk, hand express to get some comfort – or put baby on full time and let baby suck it out!

An excellent technique to use if too swollen, is called Reverse Pressure Softening – scroll down to the bottom of this page:…

Do note that this mother is trickling gold milk (colostrum) and a little trickle like this is all baby needs for the first few days. There is another clip showing white milk being ejected in streams, but so far, we can’t get it past YouTube, for some bizarre reason.

Be patient – your breast milk will come. Good Luck on learning hand expression!

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