Large Breast Milk Production And Breast Milk Storage Capacity

<h2>Large Breast Milk Production</h2>

A mother with large breast milk production and large breast milk storage capacity will have a different breastfeeding rhythm for the first six months when compared with a mother having a smaller storage capacity.  Some of the ways larger storage will affect feeding patterns:

One breast or two – Having a larger breast milk storage capacity may mean that your baby will only feed on a single breast during the first few months.   This will mean that each of your breasts will have a longer interval before it is drained.  Spacing out the feedings will help your body from producing too much milk for your growing child.

Number of feedings per day – A mother with larger storage capacity has the ability to offer more milk in a shorter time to her child.  This may mean that your baby will feel the need to feed less frequently and consume more during each feeding.

Effect on Sleeping patterns – With the ability to take in more milk at each feeding a child may begin sleeping through the night at a much earlier age.

Some concerns:

  • An overly abundant milk supply may make you more susceptible to mastitis.  Since your breasts may be drained less frequently be sure to pay closer attention to any changes or soreness in your breast.
  • Having a large breast milk storage capacity should not adversely affect your milk production.  Since it takes longer to replenish your supply your body will not reduce milk production simply becasue your are going longer between feedings.

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