How Can I Tell My Baby Is Hungry?

A breastfeeding common concern is what are the signs a baby is hungry. One way to tell if your baby is ready to eat is to pay attention to their breastfeeding schedule and check the clock. Fussiness does not necessarily indicate that your baby is always hungry. If too little time has elapsed since the last feeding can indicate that there is something else bothering them. With that in mind here are a few signs a baby is hungry:

  • moving head from side to side
  • opening mouth
  • sticking out tongue
  • placing hands and fists in mouth
  • puckering lips as if to suck
  • nuzzling against mothers’ breasts
  • showing the rooting reflex (moving mouth in the direction of something that’s stroking or touching its cheek)

Generally you want to feed child whenever it seems they are hungry and not adhere to a strict breastfeeding schedule. If your child is crying from hunger it is a sign they have been kept waiting too long. It may be hard to get your fussy baby to calm down even after a feeding.

While feeding look for signs baby is full – slow, uninterested sucking; turning away from the breast or bottle.  These are good signs to stop nursing for this feeding.

If you feel like your baby is always hungry check out – Is it normal for my baby to seem much hungrier than usual?

So there are some ways you tell when your baby is ready to eat.  Good luck and successful parenting!

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