Failure of Lactogenesis

While some woman suffer from engorgement other new mothers find themselves at the other end of the spectrum wondering if their milk came in.  Occasionally, lactogenesis, the onset of milk production that usually occurs two to five days after childbirth is delayed in women who experience complication in labor and delivery.  Conditions that can affect lactogenesis are high blood pressure, infection, anemia, or extreme emotional turmoil.

If by the fourth day after your child is born you have concerns about lactogenesis be sure to have your baby checked for signs of weight loss and their absorbing adequate nutrition.  Some things you can do is to use a breast pump after each nursing to continue stimulating your breasts to produce milk.  It may be that hospital grade breast pumps are needed to provide the necessary stimulation.

In very rare occasions a mother’s body cannot produce sufficient quantity of milk for her child.  If you feel you fall into this category please contact your physician or lactation consultant for the best steps going forward to preserve your child’s nutrition.

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