Excessive Leaking of Milk

Most women experience some leaking of milk when their milk ejection reflex is triggered.  Most commonly milk will begin to drip from one breast while your child nurses at the other.  Women also experience different triggers, for example some women find that their milk ejection is triggered during lovemaking.

If you find that milk leaking embarrassing or more messy than convenient there are a few things you can try to alleviate the issue.

Leaking is worst in the first two to six weeks – Your body needs some time to adjust to milk production and the needs of your new baby

Use light  pressure against the nipple openings – When you feel the sensation of a milk ejection reflex cross your arms and press your thumbs against your nipples.

Breast pads – to help minimize milk getting onto clothes use either disposable or washable breast pads inside your nursing bra.

Breast shields – similar to breast pads, but made from plastic these are worn over your nipple and held in place by your nursing bra.

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