Should I Donate Breast Milk?

All babies benefit from nutritional composition of breast milk. Not all mothers can breastfeed their own babies. Some mothers look to breast milk donors and human milk banks to fill their child’s nutritional gap. Circumstances where a mother may not be able to provide breast milk her own child are:

  • Adoption of children
  • Limited breast milk production
  • Breast milk production not rapid enough especially the case for mothers of premature babies
  • Instances where the mother is seriously injured or ill.
  • Mothers on prescription medication that contradicts breastfeeding

“Should I donate my breast milk” is a personal question that many mothers ask themselves. Women who choose to donate breast milk are aware of the tremendous benefits of breast milk and want to support the long-term health of premature or sick infants with the impossible to duplicate nutritional composition of breast milk.

Almost any nursing mother can donate breast milk. If you are healthy with a good medical history, you are a good candidate. Once you choose to donate breast milk you should contact a human milk bank. There are two organizations that help ensures the breast milk safety and quality, The Human Milk Banking Association of North America and the National Milk Bank. They will ask you to answer some questions about your health and have your blood tested for any problems or diseases. It is wise to discuss your decision with your doctor to make sure it is the right for you.

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