Counterproductive Breastfeeding Strategies

Some strategies and suggestions you may encounter while breastfeeding may not actually help at all and overall may exasperate the very problem they seek to resolve.

Letting your breasts refill before feeding – first your breasts create milk on demand and are always ready to provide your child with nourishment.  Second as your breasts reach storage capacity they produce milk more slowly.  There is no reason to delay nursing a hungry child simply because your breasts are not “full.”

One size fits all feeding schedule – different milk production rates and nourishment needs between children mean that you and your child will develop a tailored feeding schedule that matches you to them.  Trying to impose a feeding schedule can create much more drama and tears than solving problems.

Measuring your milk supply by pumping – self expressing your milk is a learned skill and even when you are at your best your baby will be much more efficient at getting the milk to flow.

The best thing you can do for your baby is to listen to their needs and work with them as you develop a breastfeeding schedule.   Your body will respond to their nursing needs and create all the milk needed for your proper nourishment as your child grows.

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