Consequence of Sore Nipple

Early mild nipple discomfort is often present by the second day of nursing and improves once your milk starts to come in abundantly.  The discomfort is usually greatest at the beginning of feedings and should seldom last throughout nursing.  Sore nipple can be more than a nuisance as this complaint is the major cause of early breastfeeding termination.

Nipple pain can interfere with your relationship with you baby and also lead to insufficient milk production and then in extreme cases impair infant growth. The most common cause of severe or persistent nipple soreness  is improper positioning of your baby’s mouth on your breast.  If your child does not grasp the entire nipple and a good portion of the surrounding areola you will cause yourself pain and your baby will not effectively breastfeed.  If your child repeatedly fails to consume as much as they need your milk production may diminish and as a long term result your child will not have sufficient nourishment to grow.

So when you are feeling some pain in your nipples check how your child is positioned and if needed break latch and help them reconnect.

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