Can Adoptive Mothers Breastfeed?

Can an adoptive mother breastfeed? Yes adoption and breastfeeding are compatible!

Adoption breastfeeding is more of challenge for you as a new mother. Inducing lactation in an adoptive mother requires physical and psychological preparations. Your breasts will need breastfeeding preparation to get their milk production going. You will may want to begin preparing your support network at the same time.

Inducing lactation in an adoptive mother is not easy. It can be done and has been done by many women. It is important to be realistic. In comparison to natural mothers, adoptive mothers may not produce enough breast milk to completely feed a young infant. Keep in mind anything you can offer your child is of incredible value. Keep in mind that during pregnancy a woman’s body is subjected to nine months of pregnancy hormones to get her breasts ready to produce breast milk when the child is born. You are essentially trying to produce breast milk without the benefit of pregnancy hormones to prepare your breasts.

To begin stimulating your milk supply consult with a lactation consultant. A lactation consultant will offer tailored techniques to help you get your milk production started. What you can do on your own is to begin manual stimulation of your breasts either through self expression techniques or with the use of a breast pump.

It will be hard but don’t give up. Anything that you produce for your child will be an amazing and wonderful gift.

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