Breastfeeding While Lying Down

Breastfeeding while lying down may not be listed in your breastfeeding manual as a proper breastfeeding position, but it should be! If you find yourself feeling tired (as many new mothers do) then breastfeeding while lying down is a great technique to master. Lying down and breastfeeding will help your baby drift off to sleep. And it places you in a safe position to get a little extra rest as well.

Breastfeeding while laying down is all about the pillow placement. It may be helpful to try out this position when you have someone to help move the pillows until you find the comfortable spots. Keep in mind that you want to be in as good a place as possible so you don’t feel the need to stretch or shift while breastfeeding. Make yourself comfortable by lying on your side and then work on the pillow placement. Here is a list of my favorite pillow locations when I breastfeed while lying down:

  1. Under your lower back.
  2. Under and behind your head
  3. Under the knee of your upper leg

Place your baby on their side and facing toward you with their mouth at your nipple.  Your forearm and elbow should be lined up to support your babies back, shoulders, and neck.  You may also find that using a rolled towel will help in positioning your baby while they breastfeed.

Should you need to switch breasts, bring your baby onto your chest and gently roll over to the other side repositioning them as you move.  If large movements are not possible then you can roll slightly toward your baby and bring your other breast to their mouth.

Some babies take to breastfeeding lying down right away, others need a little practice.  Regardless it is a good alternative for when you and your baby have had a long day and need a little extra comfort or a nap.

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