Breast Milk Storage – Glass vs Plastic

When freezing breast milk it  is best to do so in amounts of two to four ounces.  It will thaw more quickly and you will not waste as much if your baby decides not  to be hungry.

Plastic – If you are freezing breastmilk in plastic bottles or liner bags leave about an inch at the top for the milk will expand as it freezes.  Be sure to label the container with the date and amount.  A good trick is a wax pencil on masking tape.  If your milk is sent to a daycare center or other public place be sure to include your baby’s name.

If you are freexing in a bottle liner double bag your milk to decrease the chances of leaking at the. bag seams.  If you have an extra bottle freezing the milk with the bag inside the bottle will make life easier for you when you are thawing.

Glass – Because milk expands when frozen be sure to leave space at the top of the container

Ice Cube Trays – These are an easy way to freeze your breast milk.  Fill the tray and seal the entire thing inside a plastic freezer bag.  Pop out the cubes as needed.  If you can find trays that make cubes fitting into your bottle all the better.

Re4gardless of the container it should be clean, but not usually necessary to be sterilized.  Wash all containers in hot soapy water and let them air dry.

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