Can Breast Milk Cure Cancer?

The nutritional composition of breast milk is a complex fluid containing more than a 100,000 different elements specialized to support human development and long term health. But can breast milk cure cancer?  The Mirror UK is reporting that cancer sufferer Tim Browne pours some of his daughter’s breast milk over his morning cereal in hopes it will boost his immune system in his battle with colon and liver cancer. Each morning Georgia expresses some of her breast milk after feeding her son for her ailing dad.  Tim has described the taste of his breast milk cancer cure as slightly pungent and oily.

Tim’s doctors support his exploration of alternative medicine solutions for curing cancer. His doctors cannot attribute breast milk cure cancer with his improving condition. Tim has also been receiving chemotherapy.

Is the answer yes to can breast milk cure cancer – it would be amazing if it were, hopefully a more in depth and rigorous study will give support to Tim’s belief of the curative powers of human breast milk.

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